Human Resources

“Talent is the life ” —- Horn talent
We focus on personnel selection and training, to fully tap the potential of every employee.
Through comprehensive training system, a variety of training courses to improve professional competence to realize their own values ??in their work.

1. We insist on human resource development process to create a fair,? just and open atmosphere, humane management, the establishment of a mechanism for the full development of individual potential, achieving corporate objectives, to each employee to provide adequate achieve development of self-worth.

2. We are in the recruitment and hiring, pay attention to the quality of people, potential, character, qualifications and experience, follow the information open and fair competition, the principle basis of merit, the talented all aspects.

3. We have established a comprehensive training system, and constantly improve the value of employees.

4. We follow people post match, human resources priorities of the internal configuration policies, providing more space for internal staff development.

5. We pay fully reflects the importance of staff duties, responsibilities, size, ability, contribution, experience and other aspects of the comprehensive level. Salary and work is the corresponding fair and impartial.

6. We set up a comprehensive awards, performance awards, overcapacity award, post allowance award, years of service awards, Outstanding Staff Award, Star Award for services, labor model awards , research pioneer award, invention and innovation awards, technology innovation awards experts, model team leader award, pacesetter Award yield, quality pacesetter Award, quality Award guards, open the first peak Award, Golden Idea Award, Award for reimbursement model, sales champion Award, outstanding team Award and many other awards. Motivate and guide employees to realize their potential.

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