‘Duan She Li’ seminar in Shenzhen was an exciting event that piqued the interests of attendees for more seminars to be held in the future.

On the morning of Aug 4th,the World-class sundry management consultant, ‘Duan She Li’ Concept founder YAMASHITA HIDEKO from Japan gives a speech named’ Duan She Li—a life style. Tencent has the video for the live webcast. YAMASHITA HIDEKO begins work with the life staff management and research from early in 2000 years, which related to not only the family life and life attitude, but also on plenty of other aspects. The ‘Duan She Li’ Concept she rise up is very much popular among Japan and other countries around the world.
As a practice of ‘Duan She Li’, Shenzhen Horn Audio company staff have always devote themselves for becoming a company that brings its staff with happiness Of matter and spirit. In order to thank the staff’s hard working attitude and also their family’s support, the CEO in Shenzhen Horn Audio invites YAMASHITA HIDEKO to Shenzhen to spread the ‘Duan She Li’.
This seminar provided fans a face to face’s opportunity to communicate with YAMASHITA HIDEKO, and it’s the first show for ‘Duan She Li’ to land on Shenzhen at the same time.
The Shenzhen Horn Audio has always been proposing ‘Awareness, Practice and Behave’ thoughts, and wish to combine the ‘Duan She Li’ with our work and life, to teach the staff to get rid of the materialistic status, to obtain the real freedom and comfort; to guide the company management from general management turn to delicacy management, and to get more benefits, so as to realize the mutualism of employees and enterprises, and ultimately building material and spiritual happiness for everybody!

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