The activity of “Do Good Things and benefit people”—–the Visit to Long Gang Orphanage

In the afternoon of June 4th, 2016, the volunteering group of Horn Company came to Long Gang Orphanage to hold an aiding activity which aimed to help and care for the handicapped children.
At 1:30 pm, our group members brought gifts to these children with warm hearts, and they were shocked to find that so many children’s fate had been choked: they were physically, intellectually, mentally or multi-disabled…. Their miserable situation made everyone feel that, the happiest thing in the world is to live healthy, and we should be grateful.
Some of us made bed for children, chatted with them, and play with them, hug and shake hands with them. Each of us tried to satisfy their needs and bring them happy and mildness. They smiled brightly when so many people cared for them.
We are very grateful to the love from every colleague, you have not only warmed those children, but also our hearts. We are all impressed by the activity and shared thoughts with each other and we decide to pass on love to others.

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